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Technical projects

Technical projects span diverse disciplines, showcasing innovation in software development, hardware engineering, and more.
Some ideas include creating a web-based task manager, an IoT home automation system, or an e-commerce site with machine learning recommendations.

A gesture-controlled robot and an augmented reality navigation app demonstrate cutting-edge interaction concepts.
Implementing a blockchain-based voting system ensures secure and transparent elections.

Health monitoring wearables, facial recognition attendance systems, and speech-to-text transcription apps showcase advancements in healthcare and communication.
Drones for automated surveillance and real-time language translation apps exemplify applications in security and language services.

Smart parking systems and 3D printer filament recyclers address practical challenges in urban planning and sustainability.
An IoT-based plant watering system and a computer vision-based security system highlight innovation in agriculture and security technologies.
These projects provide a glimpse into the diverse and impactful applications of technology in today’s dynamic landscape.

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