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DC Motors

Direct current (DC) motors are electrical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical motion through the interaction of magnetic fields. These motors find widespread applications in various industries and everyday devices due to their simplicity.

The basic components of a DC motor include a stator (stationary part) and a rotor (rotating part).
The stator contains coils of wire connected to a DC power source, creating a magnetic field when current flows through them.
The rotor, usually a coil of wire or a permanent magnet, experiences a force in the presence of this magnetic field, causing it to rotate.

DC motors are classified into two main types: brushed and brushless. Brushed DC motors use brushes and a commutator to switch the direction of current flow in the rotor.
In contrast, brushless DC rely on electronic controllers to manage the direction of current in the rotor.

These motors are integral components in various applications, including electric vehicles, robotics, industrial machinery, and household appliances. Their ability to provide precise speed and position control makes them suitable for a wide range of tasks, from powering small electronics to driving complex mechanical systems.

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