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Robotic projects

Robotic projects Construct a Raspberry Pi-powered robot capable of autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and line following. Learn the fundamentals of motor control, sensor integration, and algorithm development as you guide your robot through various challenges.

Build a robotic arm using Arduino, delving into the mechanics of kinematics and control. Explore concepts like inverse kinematics to program precise movements and applications, such as pick-and-place tasks or 3D printing.

Create a hexapod robot that mimics the movements of insects. This project involves coordinating multiple servo motors to achieve fluid and dynamic locomotion, offering insights into biomechanics and gait generation.

Design a swarm of mini robots that communicate and collaborate to perform tasks collectively. Understand swarm robotics principles, including communication protocols and distributed decision-making, as you orchestrate a synchronized and cooperative robotic ensemble.

Construct a gesture-controlled robot using sensors like accelerometers or gyroscopes. Explore human-machine interaction as you program the robot to respond to specific gestures, providing a glimpse into the burgeoning field of gesture recognition technology.

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