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Wireless Power Transmission Project



  • windmill always rotate in a clockwise direction.
  • The main purpose of windmill is to convert wind energy into electrical energy, and when electrical energy is obtained,

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Introducing the Wireless Power Transmission Project, a groundbreaking endeavor that propels us into a future where the conventional limitations of wired power transmission are transcended.
In this project, we embark on a journey towards a world where electrical power is delivered seamlessly through the air
To delve into its fundamental features, the Wireless Power Transmission Project harnesses cutting-edge technologies to transfer electrical energy wirelessly.
This departure from traditional wired methods heralds a new era of flexibility, convenience, and the ability to power devices in locations that were once deemed inaccessible.

Transitioning to its core functionality, the project relies on resonant inductive coupling and electromagnetic fields to transmit power without the need for physical connections.
The transmitter unit generates an oscillating magnetic field, and the receiver unit, strategically positioned within range, converts this field back into usable electrical energy.
This innovative approach opens doors to charging electronic devices, energizing sensors, and facilitating electric vehicle charging without the constraints of conventional plugs and cords.

Moreover, the transition from wired to wireless power transmission addresses challenges associated with cable management, ushering in an era where the clutter of power cords is significantly reduced.
This holds particular promise for applications in smart homes, offices, and industries, where numerous devices demand power in an organized and efficient manner.


  • PVC plastic pole
  • 9 volts battery
  • battery clip
  • rubber
  • White pole Lights
  • dc motors
  • Toy fan
  • On Off Switch
  • L-clamp.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless Power Transmission Project.


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