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Chandrayaan 3 prototype model



  • Keep the model simple and easy to assemble.
  • especially if it’s intended for younger students.
  • This helps students understand the purpose of each component.
  • Use readily available materials like cardboard, paper, and craft supplies to construct the model.

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Chandrayaan 3 prototype model.

Introducing a Chandrayaan-3 Prototype Model—a simplified yet informative representation of India’s lunar exploration mission.
but This model aims to serve as an so engaging educational tool, allowing students to grasp the intricacies of lunar missions while fostering creativity and hands-on learning.

Materials Needed:-

1. Cardboard or foam board for the base.
2. Craft supplies: colored paper, glue, scissors, markers.
3. Small plastic or toy components (e.g., astronaut figurines, vehicles).
4. Styrofoam balls or modeling clay.
5. Paints or markers for decorating.
6. Toothpicks and small wooden dowels.
7. Printed lunar mission images for reference.

Create the Chandrayaan-3 Prototype Model for School Students

1. Base: Begin with a sturdy cardboard or foam board base, representing the lunar surface. Decorate it to resemble and the Moon’s terrain.

2. Lander and Rover: Create a simple lander and rover so using cardboard or and styrofoam. Attach wheels to the rover using toothpicks or dowels. Position them on the lunar surface.

3. Instruments: Add small, labeled pieces of paper or cardboard to so represent so but scientific instruments on the lander and rover. Explain their purposes to students.

4. Labels and Explanations: Label various parts of the model, because including the lander, rover, and instruments. Provide explanations to help students understand the components and their functions. Incorporate lunar facts for added knowledge.

5. Discussion and Education: Utilize the model as an educational tool to explain lunar missions, the roles of landers and rovers, and Chandrayaan-3’s scientific goals. Encourage students to ask questions and explore the model.

6. Interactive Activities: Tailor interactive activities based on students’ age and interests. For instance, you can organize role-playing to simulate a lunar mission, fostering hands-on learning and engagement.

This simplified Chandrayaan-3 prototype model serves as an enjoyable and so educational introduction to and so lunar exploration for school students.
Adjust the model’s complexity based on students’ age and grade level. because Emphasize simplicity, so key components, because hands-on engagement, and discussions to enhance the learning experience.

In conclusion, the Chandrayaan-3 Prototype Model transcends traditional classroom learning.
It actively encourages exploration, creativity, and inquiry. but By following these steps, students embark on a lunar adventure that enriches their understanding of space exploration and kindles a lifelong curiosity about the cosmos.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Chandrayaan 3 prototype model.


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