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4-Level water level indicator kit


  1. buzzer
  2. resistors
  3. pbt
  4. capacitors
  5. pcb board
  6. 4148 diode
  7. IC
  8. IC base
  9. red LED s
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Welcome to the realm of water level monitoring with our 4-Level Water Level Indicator Kit. Designed for both enthusiasts and beginners, this DIY electronics kit opens the door to a hands-on learning experience. Unveil the versatility and practicality of this kit as you assemble a level water indicator, making it an ideal tool for home water management, agricultural use, educational projects, and commercial water systems. Dive into the depths of exploration and education with our 4-Level Water Level Indicator Kit, where innovation meets simplicity.


  • User-Friendly Assembly: Because it’s designed with simplicity in mind, even beginners can effortlessly assemble this water level indicator kit.
  • Multi-Level Detection: Also, the kit provides a water detection system, enhancing its versatility for various applications.
  • Visual LED Display: And, equipped with a visual LED display, the indicator offers clear and instant visibility of water levels.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Also, with adjustable sensitivity settings, the kit can adapt to different water sources and varying conditions.


    • Home Water Management: Because of its user-friendly assembly, this kit is ideal for monitoring water levels in home tanks and reservoirs.
    • Agricultural Use: Also, the multi-level detection is beneficial for agricultural applications, allowing farmers to monitor water levels in irrigation systems.
    • Educational Projects: But, it’s not just a practical tool; it’s also an educational experience for students, fostering hands-on learning in electronics.
    • Commercial Water Systems: Also, with adjustable sensitivity, this kit finds applications in commercial water systems, providing real-time water level information.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 4-Level water level indicator kit


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