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Bank Security Alarm System Project



  • It will provide high security in Bank.
  • Laser Circuit Alarm System
  • Thief detection is very easy.
  • Smart Security System.
  • It will provide high security in Bank.
  • Simple Bank Security System.

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Now days it is very important to prevent bank from thief.
Now, day by day the number of robberies is increasing so it is very important to prevent bank from robber.
This BSS saves your bank from robbery. This circuit can prevent bank from thief.
automatically sound will beep when any thief came into your bank or they try to break lock of your Locker.

A laser-based security system is a type of security alarm that uses a light sensor and laser light.
we are going to demonstrate a circuit of a laser security alarm system that will detect any irregular activity and will produce sound using a buzzer.
One of the main components of this circuit is LDR.
It will detect dark and light laser beams and will change its resistance to send a signal to the buzzer.

This laser security alarm is economical and you can make it at home without any professional skills required.
For properly operating this alarm you have to make sure that no other light reaches LDR other than the laser beam.
You can use a box with small holes for this purpose.


9v Batteries, BC547 Transistor.
Laser, Cap, White led, Buzzer.
1k Resistor, On Off Switch.
330 Ohms Resistor, Bank Model.

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x Bank Security Alarm System.


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