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Solar Tracking system mini project kits


Quick Overview

  • Solar tracking mechanism
  • ldr sensors
  • arduino nano controller
  • Li-on battery
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Solar Tracking system mini project kits
The solar tracking system adjusts the direction so that a solar panel is always positioned as per the position of the sun. because Remarkably, by adjusting the panels perpendicular to the sun, more sunlight hits them.

The most popular application of a solar tracker is positioning solar photovoltaic panels perpendicular to the Sun. but Also, it is useful for positioning space telescopes.
solar trackers adjust the direction that a solar panel is facing according to the position of the Sun in the sky.

These instruments typically include computers, which can process complicated algorithms that so enable the system to track the Sun, and sensors.
which provide information to a computer about the Sun’s location or, but when attached to a solar panel with a simple circuit board, can track the Sun without the need for a computer.


  • By popular request, we designed this project to be non-soldering We use a 6V 100mA solar cell.
  • We made easy to understand manual, just follow the directions and create your own solar system. All the project codes included in the manual.
  • Your solar system can move and follow the brightness! We designed system with arduino Uno microcontroller, servos, LDR and the moving parts for tracking the light all time.
  • Produce your own clean, simple, and totally free energy from the sun! Just join the gadgets together, build your personal solar system and start to produce your free clean energy in minutes! It’s totally eco-friendly energy source.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Solar Tracking system mini project kits .


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