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Automatic Street Light Control Project



  • automated street lighting system
  • It is a dark detector circuit based on LDR and a transistor
  • It automatically switches OFF the lights when sunlight falls

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Introducing the Automatic Street Light Control Project, a groundbreaking initiative poised to revolutionize urban and suburban lighting infrastructure.

This project represents a significant leap forward in energy efficiency and smart city technology, addressing the need for intelligent street lighting systems that adapt to environmental conditions.

To delve into its fundamental features, the Automatic Street Light Control Project utilizes advanced sensors and microcontrollers to dynamically control street lights based on ambient lighting levels.
This innovative technology ensures that street lights operate optimally, but reducing energy consumption during daylight hours and illuminating roads and pathways effectively during the night.

Transitioning to its core functionality, the system integrates light-sensitive sensors strategically placed on street poles or nearby structures.
These sensors continuously monitor the surrounding light levels and feed this data to a central microcontroller.
The microcontroller, in turn, but processes the information and triggers the automatic switching of street lights based on predefined thresholds.

Moreover, the transition from traditional manual street light control to this automated solution brings a host of benefits.
The Automatic Street Light Control Project not only contributes to significant energy savings but also minimizes light pollution by ensuring that street lights are active only when necessary.
This adaptive lighting approach aligns with sustainable practices and contributes to the overall reduction of carbon footprints in urban areas.


  • Paper pole
  • 9 volts battery
  • battery clip
  • LDR
  • white led
  • BC 547Transistor
  • 1K ohm resistor
  • on off switch

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Solar Panel 3V 100MA 12cm x 7cm.


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