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Circle Drawing Robot Project



  • The robot’s purpose is to accurately draw circles
  • It is based on a ruler and a 3D printed marker slider
  • This is a basic drawing machine that creates circles.

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This is a basic drawing machine that creates circles. It is based on a ruler and a 3D printed marker slider. The machine pulls the marker around a weighted centre pivot to create a circle. By repositioning the marker along the length of the ruler you can draw circles of different sizes.

Creating a Circle Drawing Robot can be a fun and creative project that combines robotics, electronics, and programming. The robot’s purpose is to accurately draw circles of varying sizes and positions. Here’s a general outline of the project:

**1. Project Overview:**
Introduce the concept of the Circle Drawing Robot. Explain its purpose and how it combines mechanical movements, electronics, and programming to achieve its goal.

**2. Mechanical Design:**
Detail the mechanical design of your robot. Explain how the robot will move to create circles. This might involve:

– Motors: Select appropriate motors (stepper or servo motors) for controlling the robot’s movements.
– Wheels or Tracks: Design a mechanism that allows the robot to move smoothly in any direction.
– Drawing Mechanism: Create a system for holding a pen or marker and lowering it onto the drawing surface.

**3. Electronic components of your robot:

– Bo Motors, Bo Wheel, on off switch,
– 9V HW Battery, Battery Clip.

**4. Circle Drawing Algorithm:**
Detail the algorithm your robot will use to draw circles. This algorithm should take into account the robot’s movements and the relationship between motor rotations and circle parameters.

**5. Calibration and Testing:**
Explain how you’ll calibrate and test your robot. This might involve drawing circles of various sizes and positions to ensure accuracy and fine-tuning the algorithm if needed.

**6. Demonstration:**
Present a demonstration of your Circle Drawing Robot in action. Show how it can accurately draw circles of different sizes and positions.

**7. Future Enhancements:**
Suggest ideas for improving your robot, such as adding the ability to draw other shapes, integrating with digital design software, or making the robot wireless.

**8. Conclusion:**
Summarize the project and its outcomes. Reflect on what you’ve learned during the process of building a Circle Drawing Robot.

Remember that this project requires a combination of mechanical design, electronics,Careful planning, testing, and iteration will be key to achieving a functional and accurate circle drawing robot.

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Package Includes :

  • Completely ready projects
  • 1 x Circle Drawing Robot Project.


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