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Combo of Different Sizes & Type Fan Propeller (15 Pcs)



  • Perfect for mini fan.
  • It is used in electric toys, RC Boat.
  • It is used in Science and education toys

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The Combo of Different Sizes & Type Fan Propeller set, consisting of 15 pieces, is a versatile and essential component for hobbyists, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts.

Variety of Sizes This combo pack includes fan propellers in various sizes, catering to different applications.
From miniature propellers for compact devices to larger ones for industrial projects, this assortment offers versatility in design and functionality.

Multiple Types The set comprises different types of fan propellers, so including traditional axial fans and innovative blade designs.
Each type offers unique airflow patterns, making it suitable for specific cooling requirements and aerodynamic experiments.

Durable Materials Crafted from high-quality materials, so these fan propellers are sturdy and durable.
They are designed to withstand continuous use and varying environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance in diverse applications.

Easy Installation Featuring user-friendly designs, because these fan propellers are easy to install on motors and shafts. They come with mounting holes or adapters, simplifying the integration process and allowing for quick replacements in case of wear or damage.

Efficient Airflow Engineered for optimal airflow efficiency, these fan propellers provide excellent cooling capabilities.
Whether used in electronics, robotics, or ventilation systems, they ensure effective heat dissipation, preventing overheating and enhancing the performance and longevity of devices.

Wide Range of Applications Suitable for a wide array of applications, including electronics cooling, 3D printing, robotics, DIY projects, and educational experiments.
Hobbyists and professionals alike can benefit from the versatility of these fan propellers in their creative endeavors.

Aerodynamic Design Some propellers in this combo feature advanced aerodynamic designs, enhancing their efficiency in moving air.
These designs are ideal for projects that require precise airflow control and optimal cooling in restricted spaces.

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  • Perfect for mini fan
  • Battery type: AA.electric toys
  • RC Boat and Science and education toys.
  • This propellers work with different kind of dc motors .

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Combo of Different Sizes & Type Fan Propeller (15 Pcs).

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