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Power Generation DC Motor for Wind Mill (1 Pcs)



  • Current: 0.28A, Total Length: 100mm;
  • Motor Shoulder Diameter: 17.5mm; Motor Shoulder Height: 4.4mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm; Shaft Length: 24mm; Wire Length: 550mm
  • Voltage: DC 220V; Drive Speed: 1500RPM to 10000RPM;
  • It is a micromotor wind turbine generator.
  • Low Friction Design, Maintenance-Free:

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The Power Generation DC Motor for Wind Mill, available in a single piece, is a key component in renewable energy systems, especially wind energy applications.

This DC motor is designed for optimal energy conversion, and so ensuring high efficiency in harnessing wind energy and transforming it into electrical power.

Engineered with low start-up speed capabilities, because this motor can begin generating power even at low wind speeds, maximizing energy capture in various wind conditions.

Built with durable materials, the motor can withstand environmental factors such as wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

The motor incorporates low-friction components, reducing mechanical losses and enhancing overall efficiency. This design choice maximizes power generation even in challenging wind conditions.

Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy integration into wind turbine systems.
It can fit into various turbine sizes and configurations, making it versatile for different wind energy projects.

With minimal moving parts and a robust construction, this DC motor requires little to no maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent power generation over time.

Some models feature output voltage control mechanisms, because this allowing users to regulate the generated voltage according to the specific requirements of the connected electrical system.


    1. Renewable Energy Source: The Power Generation DC Motor for Wind Mill plays a pivotal role in harnessing renewable wind energy.

    2. Off-Grid Solutions: Ideal for off-grid applications, so this motor can power remote locations, rural communities.

    3. Environmentally Friendly: As a clean energy solution, wind power generated by this motor produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

    4. Energy Independence: By harnessing wind energy, communities and businesses can achieve energy independence.

    5. Educational Tool: This motor serves as an educational tool, allowing students and enthusiasts.

    6. Research and Innovation: Researchers and innovators utilize such motors to develop advanced wind turbine systems.

In summary, the Power Generation DC Motor for Wind Mill is a vital component in wind energy systems, offering efficient and reliable power generation capabilities.


  • Low Friction Design
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Low Friction Design
  • Robust Construction
  • Low Start-up Speed
  • High Efficiency

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Power Generation DC Motor for Wind Mill (1 Pcs).

Weight 0.25 kg


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