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What is a BO Motor?
Bo motor (Battery Operated) lightweight DC geared motor which gives good torque and rpm at lower voltages. … This motor can run at approximately 200 rpm when driven by a single Li-Ion cell. Great for battery operated lightweight robots.
How does a Bo motor work?
DC motor (BO) Battery Operation. Dc motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. … The setup assemble helps to increasing the torque and reduce the motor speed. All micro-controller based Robots this type of DC motor can be used
The BO Series1 60RPM DC Motor Plastic Gear Motor – BO series straight motor gives good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages, which is the biggest advantage of these motors. Small shaft with matching wheels gives an optimized design for your application or robot. … It is an alternative to our metal gear DC motors
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    bo motor is very useful for making toy robots, its robotic center and all electronics components they are selling well, its nearby electronic components store for buying electronics products, to complete your project timely, all electronics components are working nicely, they will support for development of electronics devices and electronics products, its better than amazon and flipkart

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