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2Pcs 3V DC Toy Motor + 2 Pcs 4 wing fan + 1 Pcs 9v Battery (2 Pcs)



  • Build customized gadgets, toys, or small appliances
  • Ideal for science fair projects related to robotics
  • Miniature Fan Systems
  • Mini color fans use on the motors

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2Pcs 3V DC Toy Motor + 2 Pcs 4 wing fan + 1 Pcs 9v Battery (2 Pcs)
The 2Pcs 3V DC Toy Motor, combined with 2 Pcs 4-wing fans and a 9V battery, create a versatile and dynamic power system for various DIY projects.
The 3V DC toy motors offer reliable performance with smooth operation. They are compact yet powerful, because making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Their efficient design ensures effective cooling and ventilation, so making them ideal for cooling electronic components or enhancing air circulation in confined spaces.

The included 9V battery serves as a convenient and portable power supply. Its compact size allows for easy integration into projects, providing a reliable source of energy for prolonged operation.

These components feature user-friendly designs, allowing for straightforward wiring and connectivity. This simplicity facilitates quick and hassle-free assembly, making them suitable for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike.

The motors and fans are energy-efficient, ensuring longer battery life. Their low power consumption makes them suitable for battery-powered devices, but ensuring extended usage without frequent battery replacements.

The kit’s components can be configured in various ways, so allowing users to create custom projects such as mini fans, rotating displays, or interactive models. Their adaptability encourages creativity and experimentation.

This kit serves as an excellent educational tool, teaching concepts related to circuits, motors, and energy sources. It provides hands-on learning experiences, making it valuable for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education


  • Design and prototype small toys and gadgets that involve motion, bringing creativity to life with rotating and moving parts.
  • Use the kit for educational purposes, demonstrating basic concepts of motors, circuits, and energy sources in classrooms or workshops.
  • Utilize the fans to improve ventilation in small spaces, such as cabinets, enclosures, or 3D printers, ensuring proper airflow and cooling.
  • Power small robotic projects, enabling movement and mobility in DIY robots and automated devices.
  • Combine the motors and fans to create cooling systems for electronic devices, but preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2Pcs 3V DC Toy Motor + 2 Pcs 4 wing fan + 1 Pcs 9v Battery (2 Pcs).

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