3500 RPM High torque DC Motor


3500 RPM High torque DC Motor

This is a High Torque DC Motor 3500 RPM that is mostly suitable for light weight robot requiring small power. this DC Motor consist of one set of coils, called armature winding, inside another set of coil produces a torque in the armature, reulting in motion. This can be used with 69mm diameter wheel for plastic gear motors and 87mm Diameter multipurpose wheel for plastic gear motors. A DC motor is a mechanically commutated electric motor powered from direct current. the sttator is stationary in space by defination and therefore its current. the current in the robot is swithed by the commutator to also be stationary in space. this is how the relative angle between the stator and rotor magnetic flux is maintained near 90 degrees, which generates the maximun toque.

Weight 0.2 kg


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