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12 Volt-60 RPM Center Shaft DC Gear Motor (2 pcs)


12 Volt-60 RPM Center Shaft DC Gear Motor . This DC geared motors are having the standard size. It can be controlled using the low cost micro controller like Arduino or other compatible board.

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The 12 Volt-60 RPM Center Shaft DC Gear Motor is a compact and versatile motor designed for various applications requiring controlled and precise rotational movement. It features a durable construction with a center shaft, making it suitable for both hobbyist and industrial use.


  • 12V Operation: Efficiently runs at 12 volts, compatible with batteries and low-voltage supplies.
  • 60 RPM: Offers 60 revolutions per minute additionally balancing torque and speed for versatility.
  • Center Shaft: Simplifies integration and also easily coupling with wheels or other components.
  • Durable: Crafted for long-term reliability, with quality materials for regular use.
  • Gear Reduction: Equipped for higher torque, ideal for precise control applications.


  • Robotics: Vital for precise robot movement, including wheel propulsion and arm control.
  • Automotive: Used in vehicles for accessories, windows, and power seats.
  • Conveyors: Controls product movement on assembly lines and in warehouses.
  • Industrial Automation: Applied in various processes like conveyor belts and machinery.
  • Home Automation: Powers automated curtains, blinds, and ventilation.
  • DIY Projects: A favorite among hobbyists for model trains, pet feeders, and more.
  • Education: Included in kits to teach motor control and automation technology.
  • Camera Stabilization: Additionally ensures steady camera movement for video and photography.
  • Solar Tracking: Aligns solar panels with the sun for maximum energy.
  • Precision Instruments: And also provides controlled movement for telescopes and lab equipment.

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