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60 RPM Bo Motor – Straight (4 Pcs)


60 RPM Bo Motor – Straight

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The 60 RPM Bo Motor – Straight is a compact and versatile DC motor designed for various mechanical and robotic applications. It is characterized by its straight form factor, making it easy to integrate into different systems. Because this motor operates at 60 revolutions per minute (RPM) also providing a balanced combination of speed and torque, suitable for a wide range of projects.


    • 60 RPM Speed: Additionally Enables controlled and precise movement, ideal for accuracy-demanding applications.
    • Straight Form Factor: Simplifies integration, easily couples with wheels, gears, or other components.
    • Low Voltage Operation: Efficiently runs on 3 to 12 volts, compatible with batteries and low-voltage supplies.
    • Reliable Build: Crafted for durability, ensuring longevity and performance in continuous use.
    • Simple Wiring: Additionally requires just two connections for power and ground, facilitating easy integration.


    • Robotics: Commonly used in robotics for precise movements and also like robotic arms and navigation.
    • DIY Projects: Valuable for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts in model cars, automated devices, and custom systems.
    • Education: Included in educational kits to teach motor control, electronics, and engineering.
    • Prototyping: Engineers and designers use it for testing mechanisms in product development.
    • Automation: Integrates into automated systems for controlling specific movements and functions.
    • Modeling: Used by model enthusiasts to add functionality and movement to prototypes.
    • Custom Automation: Suitable for creating custom automated solutions in home automation, agriculture, and industrial processes.

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