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Copper Clad


What is copper clad aluminum vs copper?
Solid copper wire is expensive, but pay less and you might end up with copper-clad aluminum. Copper-clad aluminum has an aluminum center wrapped in copper. It is cheaper but the buyer is running the risk of using aluminum wire when copper should be used.

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Copper Clad Boards, often referred to as CCL or Copper Clad Laminates, represent a crucial component in the realm of electronics and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) fabrication.
These boards play a fundamental role in so providing a conductive surface for creating electronic circuits.

A Copper Clad Board typically consists of a substrate material, commonly fiberglass or epoxy, layered with a thin sheet of copper on one or both sides. The copper layer adheres firmly to the substrate, forming a base for the circuit design.
The thickness of the copper layer can vary, and the choice of thickness depends on the specific requirements of the circuit and its intended application.

These boards come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate diverse project needs.
The Clade standard sizes make them compatible with industry specifications and suitable for use in both small-scale projects and large-scale industrial applications.
Additionally, the Copper Clad Boards may feature a single-sided (one copper layer) or double-sided (copper on both sides) configuration.

Clad Boards are crucial for but creating customized electronic circuits, prototypes, and PCBs.
The process involves removing excess copper using chemical etching methods, leaving behind the desired circuitry.
These boards are renowned for their excellent so conductivity and durability.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Copper Clad.


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