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3 Axis Accelerometer with Regulator – ADXL335



  • Cost sensitive, low power, motion- and tilt-sensing applications.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Gaming systems.
  • DIY projects requiring orientation information.
  • Accelerometer Module Features
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The 3 Axis Accelerometer with Regulator, specifically the ADXL335, is a sensor module designed to measure acceleration in three dimensions. It is commonly used in various applications, offering precise and reliable data about the acceleration of an object or system.


  • Measures acceleration in three axes: X, Y, and Z for comprehensive motion and also orientation data.
  • Analog Output: Provides analog output signals for each axis, ideal for real-time acceleration measurement and easy integration with microcontrollers or analog circuits.
  • Wide Measurement Range: Detects accelerations from ±3 g to ±10 g, suitable for subtle and intense motion tracking.
  • Low Power: Energy-efficient with low power requirements, making it perfect for battery-powered projects.
  • Compact Design: Compact size for easy integration into space-constrained systems and applications.


  • Motion Tracking: Used in devices requiring motion tracking and orientation sensing, such as gaming controllers, virtual reality headsets, and drones.
  • Vehicle Safety: Integrated into automotive safety systems to detect rapid acceleration changes, enabling airbag deployment and stability control.
  • Structural Health Monitoring: Detects vibrations and movements in civil engineering, aiding structural integrity assessments of buildings and bridges.
  • Robotics: Enables robots to sense orientation and acceleration changes for navigation and stabilization.
  • Wearable Devices: Monitors user movement and activity in fitness trackers and smartwatches.
  • Impact Detection: Identifies high-force impacts in sports equipment, helmets, and safety gear.
  • Aerospace: Monitors and controls aircraft, rocket, and satellite movements in aerospace applications.
  • Instrumentation: Used in scientific instruments and testing equipment for precise acceleration measurements during experiments.
  • Consumer Electronics: Enhances functionality and user experience in smartphones, cameras, and other consumer devices.

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