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Soil Moisture Sensor (Pack of 5)


1.Dual output mode, analog output more accurate
2.A fixed bolt hole for easy installation
3.With power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (green)
4.Having LM393 comparator chip, stable.
5.Operating Voltage: 3.3V~5V

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A Soil Moisture Sensor is a device designed to measure the moisture content of soil. It is a crucial tool in agriculture, horticulture, and environmental monitoring, as it provides valuable data for optimizing irrigation and plant growth.


  • Accurate Moisture Measurement: Soil Moisture Sensors accurately gauge soil moisture levels, thereby aiding precise plant growth management.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Furthermore, many sensors offer continuous real-time soil moisture tracking.
  • Digital Readouts: In addition, some models offer digital displays or data logging options, making monitoring exceptionally convenient.
  • Easy Installation: Moreover, these sensors are easy to install in soil with minimal disturbance to roots.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed with low maintenance in mind, some models even include self-cleaning features.


  • Agriculture: Soil Moisture Sensors play a pivotal role in optimizing crop irrigation, thus reducing water waste and significantly enhancing yields.
  • Horticulture: They are equally crucial in maintaining ideal soil moisture levels for landscaping, gardens, and flower beds.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Furthermore, they are essential for environmental monitoring applications, facilitating research on ecosystems, climate, and soil health.
  • Sports Fields and Golf Courses: Notably, they ensure the maintenance of healthy turf by effectively managing soil moisture levels.
  • Forestry: In forestry management, these sensors contribute to monitoring soil moisture, ultimately ensuring optimal conditions for tree growth and forest health.
  • Landscaping: Landscape architects and contractors benefit from these sensors, as they guide the design and maintenance of attractive and sustainable outdoor spaces.
  • Weather Stations: In weather stations, Soil Moisture Sensors provide vital data for weather forecasts, drought monitoring, and climate research.
  • Research and Education: Finally, Soil Moisture Sensors are valuable tools in research and educational projects, significantly contributing to the teaching of soil science and plant biology.

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