4-Level water level indicator kit



This circuit indicates the level of water in 4 stages and gives an alarm or triggers a relay once the full level is mached.

learning about the rf circuit

PROCESS INVOLVED IN 4-Level water level indicator kit:

4-Level water level indicator kit is analog switch loss the triggering pins 5, 6, 12 and 13 triggered through the conducting property of water (although water is e non conductor salts dissolved makes it conductive). once the approximate level is reached the corresponding triggering  pins gets triggered and the corresponding  LED s  will glow as they get the grounding path once the final level is reached both  the level full LED and the transistor gets the high level to trigger a buzzer relay.

  1. buzzer
  2. resistors
  3. pbt
  4. capacitors
  5. pcb board
  6. 4148 diode
  7. IC
  8. IC base
  9. red LED s


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