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MDF Board 18 x 21 inch (5 pcs)



  • MDF Board 18 x 21 inch (5 pcs).
  • 100% Safe Corner Cuts.
  • Pure Quality Material used for longer life.
  • Perfect for Beginners to Professionals.
  • ANTI-FUNGUS Material.
  • luxurious Finishing.
  • Delivery in Safe and Secured.

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✔ MDF Board 18 x 21 inch (5 pcs).
✔ MDF sheets with a thickness of 4 mm respectively. These sheets are brown in colour and Material is MDF/Wood
✔ The rawest kind of MDF was used to create this pack of square-cut MDF hardboard sheets. We make sure that these MDF sheets are produced and packaged without harming the environment.
✔ Easy to Handle: Our company’s MDF blank hardboard sheets are assured to have a smooth surface. Additionally, it is simple to use both sides of these MDF sheets.
✔ Create a project with customized wooden square to indulge in the thrill of DIY crafts.
✔ Ideal for decoupage projects for youngsters, artists, and those making personalised art because it’s simple to paint and utilise.
✔ Boosts Versatility: The main quality of our MDF sheets is that they can be applied to a variety of projects, both professional and domestic.
✔ These square MDF sheets can be used without any problems to make a variety of artwork and do-it-yourself home décor items.
✔ The best usage is for a DIY project including resin art, a mandala, a door hanger coaster, a wedding, a party, or a wall hanging, clock, or picture frames. simple to paste or hang.
✔ Product Guarantee: We are a reputable gifting platform, produces MDF hardboard sheets of the highest calibre.
✔ You will receive the same item that is seen if you have any questions about what you received. We are happy to assist you at any time!

This firm is well-known for producing premium MDF sheets and works of art that can be used by both experts and amateurs.
These sheets of exceptional quality can be recycled and reused. Obtain these natural, genuine, and eco-friendly MDF sheets immediately!

The main features and applications of MDF boards:

**Main Features of MDF Boards:**

1. **Uniform Density:** MDF boards have a consistent and uniform density throughout their composition, which leads to predictable and reliable performance in various applications.

2. **Smooth Surface:** The surface of MDF is incredibly smooth and free of knots or grains, making it an ideal choice for applications that require a flawless finish.

3. **Easy Machinability:** MDF is easy to cut, shape, and route using standard woodworking tools, allowing for intricate designs and precise detailing.

4. **Versatility:** Its versatility stems from its ease of customization and suitability for various finishing techniques, including painting, veneering, and laminating.

5. **Stability:** MDF is less prone to warping, shrinking, or expanding due to changes in humidity and temperature compared to natural wood.

6. **Cost-Effective:** MDF is generally more affordable than solid wood and some other engineered wood products, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious projects.

**Main Applications of MDF Boards:**

1. **Furniture Construction:** MDF is extensively used in making furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, dressers, and cabinets due to its smooth finish and ease of customization.

2. **Cabinetry:** It’s a popular material for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, often covered with laminate or paint to achieve the desired look.

3. **Interior Trim and Moulding:** MDF’s machinability makes it an excellent choice for creating intricate trim, baseboards, crown moulding, and decorative elements within homes and buildings.

4. **Doors:** MDF is used to craft interior doors, particularly those with raised or recessed panels, as it maintains its shape well over time.

5. **Crafts and DIY Projects:** Its smooth surface makes MDF a favourite for crafting and DIY enthusiasts for projects such as signs, plaques, and decorative items.

6. **Model Making:** MDF’s precision cutting and stable characteristics make it suitable for architectural models, prototypes, and miniature creations.

7. **Speaker Enclosures:** Due to its density and sound-dampening properties, MDF is commonly employed in constructing speaker cabinets to enhance audio quality.

8. **Exhibition Displays:** MDF is utilized in creating temporary and reusable exhibition displays due to its ease of customization and finishing.

9. **Back Panels:** MDF is used as the backing material for furniture, cabinets, and shelves, providing stability and structural support.

10. **Shop Fittings:** In commercial spaces, MDF is used to construct store fixtures, shelves, and display units due to its durability and flexibility.

* Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.

Package Includes :

  • 1 x MDF Board 18 x 21 inch (5 pcs).


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