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2 Channel Tilt Sensor Module


The tilt sensor module comes with the basic components for operation. Supplying power and it is good to be used. Attach it to object and it will detect whether the object is tilted. Simple usage as it is a digital output, so you will know the object is tilted or not by reading the output. It uses SW-460D or SW-520D tilt sensor. The tilt sensor is a ball rolling type.

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2 Channel Tilt Sensor Module is a compact and versatile electronic component designed for precise tilt detection and control. It features two channels for accurate measurement of tilt angles and offers high sensitivity for reliable performance. Compatible with standard voltage levels, this module provides dependable tilt data, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its compact design allows for easy integration into various projects, making it an ideal choice for tasks requiring precise tilt monitoring and control.


  • Tilt Detection: Two channels for accurate measurement.
  • Sensitivity: High precision for tilt control.
  • Voltage: Compatible with standard voltage levels.
  • Output: Provides reliable tilt data.
  • Size: Compact design for easy integration.


  • Robotics: Because its used for maintaining balance and stability in robotic platforms and drones.
  • Gaming Controllers: Moreover, integrated into gaming consoles and controllers for motion sensing and gaming interaction.
  • Aerospace: Likewise ,installed in aircraft and spacecraft for attitude and orientation control.
  • Construction Equipment: Utilized in heavy machinery for monitoring the tilt of equipment and ensuring safe operation.
  • Automotive: Employed in vehicle stability control systems to enhance safety and performance.
  • Camera Stabilization: Used in camera gimbals and stabilizers to capture steady shots and videos.
  • Remote-Controlled Vehicles: Moreover ,Integrated into remote-controlled cars, boats, and aircraft to maintain balance.
  • Industrial Automation: Because its applied in manufacturing equipment to control the alignment of components
  • Satellite Antennas: Likewise, used to maintain the orientation of satellite dishes for optimal signal reception.
  • Medical Devices: Incorporated into medical equipment for precise positioning and alignment.
  • Navigation Systems: Integrated into navigation equipment for accurate direction and positioning.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Systems: Employed in VR headsets and controllers to track user movements.
  • Construction and Civil Engineering: Used in surveying equipment for measuring slopes and angles.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects: Because its integrated into AI-driven devices for gesture recognition and interaction.

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Packages includes:-

      • 1 x 2 Channel Tilt Sensor Module

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