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DS3231 RTC Module




  • Battery Backup
  • Timekeeping Accuracy
  • Alarm Functionality
  • Square Wave Output
  • Configurable Registers
  • Low Power Consumption

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DS3231 RTC Module Features: The DS3231 RTC module features a highly accurate temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), which provides precise timekeeping. It also offers an I2C interface for easy communication with microcontrollers.

Timekeeping Accuracy: The DS3231 is known for its exceptional accuracy, with a typical drift of only a few seconds per month. This makes it suitable for applications where precise timekeeping is essential.

Battery Backup: It includes a built-in battery backup that ensures the RTC continues to keep time even when the main power source is disconnected. This feature is crucial for maintaining time data in case of power interruptions.

Alarm Functionality: The DS3231 module supports two programmable alarms, making it useful for setting up time-based events or triggering actions at specific times.

Square Wave Output: In addition to timekeeping, it can generate a square wave signal with selectable frequencies, which can be used for various timing purposes.

Configurable Registers: Users can configure various registers to set the time and date, alarms, and other parameters. This flexibility allows customization to suit specific project requirements.

Low Power Consumption: The DS3231 module is energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during operation, which is advantageous for battery-powered applications.


The DS3231 RTC Module is a precision timekeeping device, known for its outstanding features and versatile applications.

  • Exceptional Accuracy: The DS3231 provides precise timekeeping, a vital requirement for applications demanding impeccable timing precision.
  • Built-in Battery Backup: This module includes a backup battery, ensuring uninterrupted timekeeping even during power interruptions or disconnections.
  • Temperature Compensation: It adjusts and maintains precise time to account for temperature fluctuations in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Versatile Alarm Functions: It supports multiple alarms, enabling scheduled events or notifications in various applications.
  • Seamless Integration: Thanks to its I2C communication interface, it seamlessly integrates with microcontrollers and other compatible devices.
  • Efficient Power Management: Because operating on minimal power, it suits battery-driven applications, extending battery life.
  • Space-Saving Design: Its compact size eases integration into projects with limited space availability.
  • Comprehensive Date Tracking: Additionally, it accurately tracks calendar dates, valuable for scheduling and logging purposes.
  • Wide-Ranging Applications: Its precision and versatile features apply in various scenarios, including IoT devices, data loggers, and clocks.
  • User-Friendly Configuration: With a straightforward setup and configuration process, it accommodates both novice and experienced electronics enthusiasts.

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