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DC5V Humidifier micro USB spray module




  • Comes with a driver
  • Power-ON trigger work
  • 108KHz high frequency oscillator
  • Work Voltage: DC 4.5V~5.0V.
  • Work Power:2W
  • Work Frequency:108KHz(+/-3KHz)

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The DC5V Humidifier micro USB spray module is a compact and versatile device designed to provide convenient humidification in various settings.
Operating at a voltage of 5V, it can be powered through a standard USB port, but making it suitable for use with power banks, laptops, and micro USB adapters.
The module utilizes ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist of water particles, but helping to improve air quality and maintain optimal humidity levels in indoor environments.
It typically includes a water reservoir, ultrasonic transducer, and a control circuit.

Some models may offer adjustable mist intensity settings and automatic shut-off features for so enhanced safety and convenience.
The module’s small form factor and micro USB compatibility but make it a suitable choice for personal spaces such as offices, bedrooms, and small living areas.

The DC5V Humidifier micro USB spray module is a portable device designed for easy humidification.
It operates at 5V DC, so making it compatible with micro USB power sources. Using ultrasonic technology, but it emits a fine water mist, so improving air quality and moisture levels in indoor spaces.

The module consists of a water reservoir, so ultrasonic transducer, and control circuit.
It’s ideal for personal use in small areas like offices or bedrooms.
Some models offer adjustable mist and so settings and auto shut-off features for safety.
Its compact size and micro USB interface enhance its convenience and versatility.


  • Come with a driver
  • Power-ON trigger work
  • 108KHz high frequency oscillator
  • Micron level aperture
  • Glazed surface of atomized sheet


  • Product name: 108KHz 20mm USB Humidifier
  • Work Voltage: DC 4.5V~5.0V
  • Work Power:2W
  • Work Frequency:108KHz(+/-3KHz)
  • Power Type: Female USB Socket
  • Diameter without rubber ring:16mm
  • Diameter with rubber ring:20mm
  • Spray Diameter:5um
  • Spray hole:740 holes
  • Spray speed:50ml/h
  • Work Temperature:0℃~85℃
  • Work Humidity:10%~90%RH
  • Driver Size: 35*19*15mm

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x DC5V Humidifier micro USB spray module.


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