MPX5010DP Pressure Sensor 0-10KPa Transmitter Sensor


MPX5010DP Pressure Sensor 0-10KPa Transmitter Sensor module is a dual port, an integrated silicon pressure sensor in 6 pin SIP package. This piezoresistive transducer is state of the art monolithic silicon pressure sensor; designed for a wide range of applications.

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On-chip signal conditioned, temperature compensated and calibrated.
Differential configuration.
5.0% maximum error over 0?C to 85?C.
Durable epoxy unibody.
Temperature compensated over -40?C to 125?C.
Patented silicon shear stress-strain gauge.
Pressure range from 0KPa to 10KPa.
Supply voltage range from 4.75VDC to 5.25VDC.
The sensitivity of 450mV/kPa.
Response time of 1ms.
Mounting hole diameter: M4 x 11 (height).

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