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9v Battery Snap Connector + DC Jack(Battery Connector Cap)



  • Excellent material
  • It is an environmental 9V battery buckle
  • The Cable Length: 12cm Approx.
  • Convenient for connecting a battery to your application.
  • Save power and protect the environment
  • Good electrical conductivity and comfortable sense of touch
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The “9V Battery Snap Connector” and “DC Jack (Battery Connector Cap)” serve as vital components in various electronic applications, enabling power connections and enhancing device functionality. Here, we provide an explanation of each component:

9V Battery Snap Connector:

A 9V Battery Snap Connector is a wiring assembly crafted for effortless attachment to a 9V battery’s terminals. Because it typically comprises a plastic housing with two metal clips or snaps that firmly attach to the battery’s terminals. This connector simplifies the process of connecting a 9V battery to electronic circuits, devices, or gadgets. It enjoys frequent use in DIY electronics, toys, remote controls, and other battery-powered applications. The connector not only ensures a secure and dependable electrical connection but also streamlines tasks like battery replacement and device testing.

DC Jack (Battery Connector Cap):

A DC Jack, coupled with a Battery Connector Cap, constitutes a component used to link external power sources, such as DC adapters or power supplies, to electronic devices. Additionally the DC Jack acts as a receptacle, typically accommodating a cylindrical plug from an external power source. Meanwhile, the Battery Connector Cap serves as a protective cover for the DC Jack when it is not in use. This combination of components finds widespread application in electronic equipment that demands both battery and external power alternatives. It offers versatility, allowing users to select between battery power and external power sources based on specific requirements.

Collectively, the 9V Battery Snap Connector and the DC Jack with a Battery Connector Cap assume pivotal roles in powering and establishing connections for electronic devices, guaranteeing dependable and adaptable power solutions.

Features :

  1. Excellent Material.
  2. Fine workmanship.
  3. It is an environmental 9V battery buckle.
  4. T- fonts, with red and black connecting lines.
  5. Save power and protect the environment.
  6. Good electrical conductivity and comfortable sense of touch.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 9v Battery Snap Connector + DC Jack(Battery Connector Cap)


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