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Temperature Sensor with Display



  • Temperature Sensor with Display
  • Digital mini lcd thermometer

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In this project, we will go over how we can build a temperature sensor circuit and integrate it to an LCD so that we can get a readout of the temperature on the LCD.

In previous projects with temperature sensor circuits, we built the circuit and then got a readout on the computer that we programmed the circuit with. In this project, we take it a step further. Instead of getting a readout on the computer, we will connect the circuit so that we can get a readout on an LCD display. This mimics a more real-life-like electronic product which you would see on the market.

To build this circuit, we will need 3 main components. We will need a temperature sensor IC. The one we will use in this project is a LM34 temperature sensor IC. We will need an LCD display. The type we will use is the popular HD44780 LCD. And we will need a microcontroller to get the readout from the sensor IC and then transfer the readout to the LCD>

To be successful building this circuit, you should know how to connect temperature sensor ICs and how to wire a HD44780 to an Arduino.


  • Digital mini lcd thermometer
  • Temperature range: -50~ 110°c, temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°c
  • Sensor cable length: 1 meter2
  • Batteries: Lr44 coin cell (easily available) (battery included in this product).

* Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Temperature Sensor with Display.


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