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HMC5883L 3-Axis Electronic Compass Module



  • 3-axis magnetic electronic compass.
  • Precise heading information.
  • Driver Chip: HMC5883L.
  • Operating Voltage: 3 -5 V DC.
  • Communication: I2C protocol.
  • Measuring range: ± 1.3-8 Gauss.

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The HMC5883L 3-Axis Electronic Compass Module is an advanced sensor designed for precise magnetic field measurements in three dimensions.
Perfect for a variety of applications, this module stands out due to its high accuracy and digital output.

The HMC5883L 3-Axis Electronic Compass Module is a cutting-edge sensor engineered for accurate and dynamic magnetic field sensing.
The HMC5883L module boasts exceptional precision, so ensuring accurate magnetic field measurement even in challenging environments.

Offering digital data output, because this module simplifies integration with microcontrollers and digital systems.
Its digital interface enhances so compatibility and ease of use in various electronic projects.

Capable of measuring magnetic fields along three axes, this module provides comprehensive spatial data.
With its broad magnetic field measurement range, because the module captures both weak and strong magnetic fields.

Despite its high precision, the HMC5883L module is energy-efficient, making it ideal for battery-powered devices, ensuring extended operational life.
Utilizing the I2C protocol, this module ensures seamless communication with microcontrollers and simplifies the wiring process in electronic systems.

Its compact design allows for easy integration into small electronic devices without compromising performance.

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  • Ideal for digital compasses, the HMC5883L module provides accurate directional information, crucial for navigation systems and robotics.
  • In position tracking applications, this module enables precise indoor positioning, where GPS signals might be weak or unavailable.
  • Used in autonomous vehicles and drones, this module aids in navigation, ensuring accurate orientation and direction sensing.
  • Integrated into IoT devices, the module and provides directional data, enhancing the functionality of smart objects and wearables.
  • In augmented reality applications, this module assists in aligning digital content with the real world, delivering immersive experiences.

Some weather stations utilize this module to measure Earth’s magnetic field, contributing valuable data for meteorological analysis.

Enhances geolocation accuracy in various applications by providing accurate directional data for devices.

In summary, the HMC5883L 3-Axis Electronic Compass Module is a high-precision, versatile sensor with applications ranging from navigation systems and robotics to IoT devices and augmented reality applications.


  • 3-axis magnetic electronic compass.
  • Precise heading information.
  • Fits into small projects easily.
  • I2C communication.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Three-Axis Sensing

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x HMC5883L 3-Axis Electronic Compass Module.


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