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L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator (Pack of 3 ICs)




  • Fixed output voltage is 5V
  • Output current is 0.5A
  • Dropout voltage is 2V
  • Maximum DC input voltage is 35V
  • Output transition SOA protection
  • Output voltage tolerance is 4%
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The L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator (Pack of 3 ICs) offers stability and protection for a variety of applications, from electronics and automotive systems to industrial control and DIY projects.


    • Stable Voltage Output: The L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator delivers a reliable 5V output, ensuring consistent power for your circuits.
    • Low Dropout: Because of its low dropout voltage, it maintains voltage regulation effectively even when the input exceeds the desired output.
    • Overheat Protection: It includes built-in thermal shutdown, preventing damage due to excessive heat, ensuring the safety of your components.
    • Current Limiting: The IC also features current limiting, safeguarding against overcurrent conditions and protecting your circuitry.
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: Its ability to handle a broad input voltage range adds versatility to suit various applications and input sources.


  • Powering Electronics: This regulator is ideal for powering a range of electronic devices such as microcontrollers, sensors.
  • Battery Charging: It’s suitable for battery charging applications because it provides a constant 5V output voltage.
  • Voltage Conversion: The IC can convert higher input voltages to a steady 5V output, making it compatible with various sensors.
  • Automotive Electronics: Commonly used in automotive applications for voltage regulation in electronic systems.
  • DIY Projects: Hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts also find it valuable for DIY projects, thanks to its simplicity and reliability.
  • Industrial Control: The L78M05CV (L7805CV) is employed in industrial machinery to provide voltage regulation and stability.

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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x L78M05CV (L7805CV) TO-220 Linear Voltage Regulator (Pack of 3 ICs)

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