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L293D Motor Driver




  • It uses the popular L293 motor driver IC.
  • It can drive 4 DC motors on and off, or drive 2 DC motors with directional and speed control.
  • Dual H-bridge design for bidirectional motor control
  • Handles up to 600mA of motor current
  • Compatible with various input voltage ranges
  • Simple and beginner-friendly interface
  • Internal diodes prevent back EMF
  • Built-in thermal protection

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The L293D Motor Driver is a versatile and accessible motor control solution with additional features like simplified logic control and external enable pins. It can be applied in advanced fields such as CNC machinery, camera stabilization, and drones, thanks to its adaptability and robust performance. It also lends itself to innovative projects, including IoT devices and artistic installations.


  • Dual H-Bridge Design: L293D features two H-bridges, allowing bidirectional control of two DC motors.
  • High Current Handling: It can handle motor currents up to 600mA, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Input Voltage Compatibility: Compatible with a wide input voltage range, making it versatile.
  • Simple Interface: Easy-to-use interface simplifies motor control setup.
  • Built-In Diodes: Internal diodes prevent back EMF, protecting the driver and motor.
  • Thermal Shutdown: Built-in thermal protection prevents overheating.


  • Robotics: Ideal for controlling robot movement with precise forward and reverse motion.
  • Automotive Projects: Used in small-scale vehicle prototypes and modifications.
  • DIY Electronics: Also a favorite for hobbyists, powering various motorized DIY projects.
  • Home Automation: Moreover enables motorized control in smart home systems, such as curtains or blinds.
  • Educational Tools: Also frequently used in educational settings to teach motor control principles.

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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x L293D Motor Driver

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