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7805 Voltage Regulator IC (5 Pcs)


LM7805 is an extremely popular and easy to use linear voltage regulator for generating a regulated 5V. It is a easy and simple to use voltage regulator with no external circuitry or components needed for voltage regulation

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The 7805 Voltage Regulator IC plays a critical role in maintaining stable and reliable power in electronic circuits. Its features and applications establish it as an indispensable component in many devices.

  • Precise Voltage Regulation: The 7805 IC ensures a constant 5V output, a critical aspect for powering sensitive components and preventing voltage fluctuations.
  • Efficient Voltage Conversion: This IC adeptly converts higher input voltages into a stable 5V output, making it a versatile solution for various power supply needs.
  • Current Limitation: It actively limits the output current to a safe level, safeguarding connected devices from overcurrent and potential damage.
  • Thermal Protection: Because integrated thermal shutdown protection actively prevents overheating, thereby enhancing the IC’s durability and safety.
  • Simplicity in Design: Because It simplifies circuit designs by eliminating the necessity for complex voltage regulation components.
  • Wide Application Range: Its reliability enables its use in a multitude of devices, including microcontrollers, sensors, and analog circuits.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: It offers cost savings by maintaining a steady voltage, thus reducing the risk of component failure.
  • Space Efficiency: Its small form factor renders it suitable for compact electronic designs, conserving valuable space on PCBs.
  • Noise Reduction: Additionally the IC effectively filters out voltage spikes and fluctuations, ensuring clean and stable power delivery for sensitive components.
  • Longevity: It boasts an extended operating life, making it ideal for devices that require prolonged periods of continuous operation.

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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x 7805 Voltage Regulator IC

Weight 0.2 kg

1 – 24, 25 – 49, 50 – 99


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