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What is drain and source in MOSFET?
In a MOSFET a terminal as named as source if it’s a provider of charge carrier and therefore the other terminal automatically becomes drain. In NMOS; charge carrier — electrons , therefore electrons flow from source to drain, in other words, drain is the terminal which is at higher potential.

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The IRFZ44N is a N-channel MOSFET with a high drain current of 49A and low Rds value of 17.5 mΩ. It also has a low threshold voltage of 4V at which the MOSFET will start conducting. Hence it is commonly used with microcontrollers to drive with 5V.
Representação de um MOSFET IRFZ44N. Fonte: Components 101, 2019. | Download Scientific Diagram
What are the components of MOSFET?
It features four terminals, these being the Source (S), Gate (G), Drain (D), and Body (B). The body is typically connected to the source terminal so that the MOSFET functions as a field-effect transistor.
What is an N-channel MOSFET?
A N-Channel MOSFET is a type of MOSFET in which the channel of the MOSFET is composed of a majority of electrons as current carriers. When the MOSFET is activated and is on, the majority of the current flowing are electrons moving through the channel.
How are MOSFETs made?
First things first, MOSFET is made by taking a silicon wafer and deposit a silicon dioxide film and then a silicon nitride film. Afterwards, there is applied a photoresist coating on top of the films, and UV light is exposed in a specific pattern to the photoresist.
What are the types of MOSFET?
There are two classes of MOSFETs. There is depletion mode and there is enhancement mode. Each class is available as n- or a p-channel, giving a total of four types of MOSFETs. Depletion mode comes in an N or a P and an enhancement mode comes in an N or a P.
What is p type and n-type MOSFET?
So for n-type enhancement type MOSFETs, a positive gate voltage turns “ON” the transistor and with zero gate voltage, the transistor will be “OFF”. For a p-channel enhancement type MOSFET, a negative gate voltage will turn “ON” the transistor and with zero gate voltage, the transistor will be “OFF”.
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