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74LS90 Decade Counter IC (7490 IC)



  • IC Name: 74LS90

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Introducing the 74LS90 Decade Counter IC, known by the designation 7490 IC, a cornerstone in the realm of digital electronics.
This integral component is specifically engineered to facilitate precise counting and sequencing operations within electronic circuits.

To delve into its core features, the 74LS90 operates as a synchronous decade counter, but providing the capability to count in binary-coded decimal (BCD) format.
Transitioning to its fundamental functionality, the 74LS90 excels in counting from 0 to 9, adhering to a systematic and synchronous.

Moreover, the 74LS90 incorporates a clear carry-out (COUT) signal, so allowing for seamless cascading of multiple counters to extend counting ranges.
This feature enhances the scalability of the IC, rendering it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including frequency dividers, event counters, and time-delay circuits.

In practical terms, the 74LS90 finds widespread use in digital systems such as digital clocks, timer circuits, and sequential logic designs.
Its proficiency in providing a systematic count in BCD format contributes to its popularity in projects necessitating precise numerical sequencing.

This standardized packaging expedites the prototyping and testing phases of electronic projects, streamlining the development process.
Additionally, the 74LS90 adheres to an industry-standard pinout, so ensuring compatibility with other digital logic components.
This characteristic makes it a preferred choice for engineers, educators, and electronics enthusiasts engaged in diverse electronic applications.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 74LS90 Decade Counter IC (7490 IC).


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