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32 pin IC Base (2 pcs)




  • Number of pins : 32.
  • Number of rows : 1.
  • Termination Style : Through Hole
  • Contact Plating : Gold
  • Pitch : 2.54 mm.
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Introducing the 32 pin IC Base (2 pcs), a critical component in electronic circuitry, providing a secure and reliable socket for integrated circuits (ICs).

Transitioning to its core functionality, the 32-pin IC Base offers a secure platform for the insertion and removal of ICs.
This design ensures a stable connection, minimizing the risk of damage to the IC and simplifying the prototyping and testing processes.

Moreover, the IC Base’s 32-pin configuration supports a variety of integrated circuits, enabling versatility in circuit design.
This adaptability is crucial for electronic enthusiasts and engineers who need to work with different ICs for various applications.

In terms of construction, the IC Base boasts a durable and heat-resistant design, enhancing its reliability in electronic circuits.
The heat resistance is particularly beneficial when dealing with ICs that may generate heat during operation.

Furthermore, the IC Base seamlessly integrates into standard breadboards and PCBs, providing a convenient.
This compatibility ensures easy and efficient prototyping, making it a valuable component in both educational and professional settings.

In practical terms, the 32-pin IC Base plays a pivotal role in electronics projects that involve microcontrollers.
Its use extends across a wide range of applications, from designing microcontroller-based systems to implementing complex digital circuits.

Additionally, the IC Base’s affordability and accessibility make it an essential component for hobbyists and students.
Its inclusion in electronic kits and projects enhances the learning experience and empowers individuals to experiment with various ICs.

Moreover, the 32-pin IC Base is instrumental in ensuring a reliable connection between the IC and the circuit.
This reliability is crucial for the stable operation of electronic devices and systems.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 32 pin IC Base (2 pcs).


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