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7432 IC


  • Voltage Rating: 2.0 to 6.0V
  • Temperature Rating: 0 to 70ºC
  • Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS, and TTL
  • Large Operating Voltage Range
  • Wide Operating Conditions
  • CMOS low power consumption
  • Schmitt Trigger Action at All Inputs
  • Number of: 14 Pins
  • Mounting: Through Hole
  • Package: DIP-14 

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The 7432 IC is a versatile integrated circuit that contains a set of four OR gates. Each OR gate within the 7432 IC has two input pins and one output pin. It is a member of the 74xx series of logic gates, specifically designed for digital logic applications. The 7432 IC is widely used in electronics and digital circuits where logical OR operations are required.


  • Digital Logic Circuits: Also it is crucial for creating digital logic circuits. OR gates form the foundation for logical operations in digital systems, combining multiple signals to yield logical OR results.
  • Signal Routing: Additionally used for signal routing and selection, it combines inputs to produce an output based on logical OR conditions, ideal for complex data processing.
  • Error Detection: In digital systems, OR gates identify errors or faults by combining input signals, ensuring data integrity during transmission and storage.
  • Multiplexing: Employed in multiplexing circuits, it selects and directs multiple data sources to a single output channel based on specific conditions.


  • Quad 2-Input OR Gates: The IC houses four independent 2-input OR gates in one chip, offering logic design flexibility.
  • Standard Logic Levels: It operates at standard TTL voltage levels, typically powered by +5V.
  • High-Speed Operation: Known for high-speed performance, suitable for rapid signal processing applications.
  • Compact Package: Typically packaged in a standard 14-pin DIP format, it seamlessly integrates into electronic circuits.
  • Low Power Consumption: Consumes minimal power, contributing to energy-efficient systems.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Maintains reliable operation over a broad temperature spectrum, suitable for diverse environments.
  • Ease of Use: Simple connectivity and usage in electronic circuits, accessible to both beginners and experienced engineers.
  • Reliability: Renowned for reliability and consistent performance, establishing trust in digital electronics design.

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