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RFID Reader EM-18 Module with RS232


The EM-18 RFID Reader module operating at 125kHz is an inexpensive solution for your RFID based application. The Reader module comes with an on-chip antenna and can be powered up with a 5V power supply. Power-up the module and connect the RS-232 transmit pin of the module to receive a pin of your microcontroller using the MAX232 converter. Show your card within the reading distance and the card number is thrown at the output. Optionally the module can be configured for also a Weigand output.

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The RFID Reader EM-18 Module with RS232 is a versatile and compact device designed to simplify data exchange and enhance efficiency in various applications. Here’s an informative overview of its key features and applications:


  • Versatile Compatibility: The EM-18 Module is compatible with a wide range of RFID tags, likewise enabling seamless integration into diverse systems.
  • RS232 Interface: Its RS232 interface facilitates effortless communication with computers, microcontrollers, and other devices, ensuring efficient data transfer.
  • Compact Design: The module’s compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for applications with limited space, additionally such as compact devices and kiosks.
  • Low Power Consumption: Operating with minimal power consumption, it allows for extended usage without overtaxing power sources, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Plug-and-Play: With plug-and-play capabilities, this module simplifies setup, so making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: The module’s affordability reduces initial investment costs, likewise making it a cost-effective choice for businesses and projects.
  • High Data Accuracy: It boasts high precision in reading RFID tags, minimizing errors in data collection and ensuring accurate information retrieval.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The module’s real-time monitoring capabilities are invaluable for applications such as inventory management, access control, and asset tracking.
  • Applications:

  • Access Control Systems: The RFID Reader EM-18 Module enhances security by enabling RFID-based access control systems. Because users gain access to secured areas through RFID authentication, bolstering safety.
  • Inventory Management: Its real-time monitoring capabilities prove invaluable in inventory management, streamlining stock tracking and reducing discrepancies.
  • Library Systems: Libraries leverage this module for automated book check-in and check-out processes, improving overall library management efficiency.
  • Retail: In the retail sector, it facilitates swift and precise product tracking, ensuring shelves remain stocked and minimizing instances of out-of-stock items.
  • Automated Attendance: Educational institutions benefit from the module for automating attendance tracking, saving time and reducing manual attendance recording errors.
  • Asset Tracking: Various industries utilize this module to track valuable assets, mitigating the risk of loss or theft.
  • Ticketing and Payment: Transport systems, kiosks, and event management use it for contactless ticketing and payments, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.


  • This RFID Reader Module 125Khz is easy to use
  • It is Low Cost
  • It gives RS-232 and TTL Output
  • Need a very less external component to drive
  • TTL Level Compatible (Directly connected to the microcontroller)
  • mall Buzzer & LED available to know about the card presence
  • High-Quality PCB material & Original component only
  • Each module tested with the automatic testing machine

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x RFID Reader EM-18 Module with RS232

Weight 0.2 kg


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