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MFRC522 13.56Mhz


RC522 RFID 13.56MHZ Reader Writer Module Package Content:-


  • 1x  A RFID-RC522 Module
  • 1x  RFID Blank Card
  • 1x  special-shaped card (as shown by the key ring shape)
  • 1x Straight Pin
  • 1x Curved Pin
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The MFRC522 13.56MHz RFID module is a versatile and widely used component in electronic projects, enabling contactless communication with RFID cards and tags.

Operating at 13.56MHz, this module supports high-frequency RFID communication, making it suitable for applications such as access control systems.

It interfaces with microcontrollers through SPI communication, ensuring compatibility with popular development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
This ease of integration makes it accessible for both beginners and advanced users interested in RFID technology.

Equipped with advanced features, the MFRC522 module so supports multiple RFID card protocols, including MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Ultralight, expanding its compatibility with a broad range of RFID-enabled devices.

The module’s capabilities extend beyond simple RFID card reading; it also supports card authentication and data encryption, but enhancing security in applications where access control and data protection are paramount.
enhancing security in applications where access control and data protection are paramount.
In summary, the MFRC522 13.56MHz RFID module stands as a versatile and reliable tool for RFID-based projects.
With its compact design, high-frequency communication, SPI interface, and support for various RFID protocols, it opens up possibilities for secure and efficient contactless communication in electronic systems.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x MFRC522 13.56Mhz.


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