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RFID Smart Card (5 Pcs)



  • ISO Plain without Numbering
  • Package Content: 1 Pieces of Cards
  • Standard Color: White
  • White Plain Card Dimension: 86*54*0.8 mm
  • Contactless RFID 1K Smart Card 13.56 MHz

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The RFID Smart Card (5 Pcs) is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized access control, payment systems, and identity verification processes.

The RFID Smart Card operates on contactless radio frequency identification technology, so enabling seamless communication between the card and RFID readers.
Users can simply wave the card near a reader for quick and secure transactions.

Equipped with advanced encryption algorithms, so this RFID Smart Cards ensure secure data transmission. Personal and financial information stored on the card is protected, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data theft.

These cards find applications in various sectors, so this including access control systems, public transportation, payment gateways, attendance tracking, and secure document management.
Their versatility because makes them indispensable in modern smart environments.

Built with durable materials, RFID Smart Cards are resistant to wear, but ensuring long-term functionality.
They can withstand bending, friction, and environmental factors, so making them suitable for everyday use.

RFID Smart Cards offer swift and hassle-free transactions.
Users can access secure areas, make payments, or check in with a simple tap or wave, saving time and enhancing user experience.

These cards are customizable, because this allowing businesses and institutions to incorporate their branding, logos, and information.
Customization enhances brand visibility and adds a professional touch to the card.

RFID Smart Cards can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.
They are compatible with various RFID readers and infrastructure, but making the transition to RFID technology smooth for businesses and organizations.


    1. Enhanced Security: RFID Smart Cards enhance security measures by replacing traditional keys, passwords, and swipe cards.
    2. Efficient Transactions: In payment systems and public transportation, RFID Smart Cards expedite transactions.

    3. Data Accuracy: These cards provide accurate data capture in attendance systems and tracking applications.

    4. Environmentally Friendly: RFID Smart Cards contribute to environmental.

    5. Improved User Experience: RFID Smart Cards enhance user convenience.

    6. Fraud Prevention: The encryption and authentication mechanisms of RFID Smart Cards.

In summary, RFID Smart Cards offer a secure, efficient, and convenient solution for various applications, shaping the future of access control, payments, and identification systems.


  • Read Range:3-10cm ( be related to the card reader); Data Transmission Speed: 106 Kb
  • Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz; Capacity: 1KB=8KBYT=1024BITE;
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC); Size(approx.): 85.5 x 54 x 0.8mm
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Efficient Transactions:
  • Data Accuracy: safe and valuable

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x RFID Smart Card (5 Pcs).

Weight 0.25 kg


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