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433MHz 12V 4 Channel Relay Module



Specifications and Features :

  1. Working Mode: Output selectable between Latching and Non Latching types
  2. Relay Board Operating voltage: DC12V
  3. Working current: 50 ~ 200mA
  4. the operating frequency: 433MHz
  5. Maximum Relay Load Ratings: 5A 220VAC / 10A 12VDC
  6. Dimensions: 70 × 50 × 20mm
  7. Working temperature: -10 ? ~ + 50 ?
  8. Application: remote control electric doors, windows, switches, security and other remote areas
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The 433MHz 12V 4 Channel Relay Module is a versatile and efficient electronic device designed to facilitate seamless control of various electrical appliances and devices.
Operating at a frequency of 433MHz, this relay module ensures so reliable and interference-resistant communication within its designated range.

Built to operate on a 12V power supply, the module provides a stable and robust source of energy for its functionalities.
Additionally, the inclusion of four channels enhances its capability to independently control multiple devices or circuits.

One notable feature of this relay module is its ability to establish wireless communication, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring. This wireless functionality not only enhances.
Transitioning from traditional wired setups, the 433MHz communication allows for greater flexibility in device placement.
The relay channels can be easily configured to control lights, fans, motors, or any other electrical devices with precision and ease.

Moreover, the module’s design prioritizes user-friendly integration, ensuring that individuals with varying levels of technical expertise can employ it effectively.
The straightforward setup process and clear labeling of relay channels contribute to a hassle-free user experience.

In conclusion, with its seamless integration, robust design, and multiple channels, the 433MHz 12V 4 Channel Relay M stands as a reliable and versatile solution.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 433MHz 12V 4 Channel Relay Module.


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