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HC-11 CC1101 433MHz Wireless Transceiver RF Serial Module



  • Small in size.
  • High output power.
  • Long transmission distance.
  • High sensitivity.

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The HC-11 CC1101 433MHz Wireless Transceiver RF Serial UART Module is a high-performance wireless communication module designed for seamless and reliable data transmission in various applications.

433MHz Frequency Operating on the 433MHz frequency band, so this module offers a stable and interference-free wireless communication environment.
Its specific frequency ensures efficient communication without disruptions, making it suitable for applications where reliability is paramount.

RF Serial UART Communication Equipped with RF Serial UART communication, because the module simplifies data transmission between devices.
Its UART interface allows for easy integration with microcontrollers and other digital systems, enabling seamless communication without the need for complex protocols.

CC1101 Transceiver Chip Featuring the CC1101 transceiver chip, but this module ensures high sensitivity and excellent selectivity in receiving and transmitting data.
The advanced chip technology enhances the module’s performance, because this making it reliable even in noisy RF environments.

Long Communication Range The module offers a considerable communication range, so allowing data transmission over extended distances.
Its long-range capabilities make it suitable for applications that require communication over large areas or in outdoor environments.

Low Power Consumption Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the module operates on low power.
Its low power consumption is ideal for battery-powered devices, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent battery replacements.
This feature is essential for applications requiring long-term, untethered operation.

UART Configuration The module supports UART configuration, allowing users to adjust communication parameters such as baud rate and data format. This flexibility ensures compatibility with different devices and facilitates seamless integration into various projects.

Compact and Lightweight With its compact form factor and lightweight design, the module is easy to incorporate into small devices and projects.
Its size and weight considerations make it suitable for applications with limited space availability.


  • Implemented in remote control systems for devices like drones, RC cars, and industrial machinery.
  • Used in Internet of Things (IoT) devices for connecting various sensors and actuators.
  • Utilized in wireless sensor networks for remote data collection and monitoring
  • Integrated into home automation systems for wireless control of smart devices.
  • High communication data rate with auto set up for communication change and data receiving and transmission control.

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Package Includes:

    • 1 x 6mm Shaft Dummy Motor wheel (4 Pcs).

Weight 0.2 kg


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