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12V Wireless Relay 1 Channel with Remote Control



  1. DC 12V Home lighting system
  2. Remote control switch
  3. Smart Home / Home Automation
  4. Garage Door
  5. Remote controlled gates
  6. Security Monitoring
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Introducing the 12V Wireless Relay 1 Channel with Remote Control Receiver and Transmitter, a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes.
This relay system stands as a cornerstone in the realm of home automation, industrial control, and electronic projects.
Transitioning to its core features, the 12V Wireless Relay utilizes advanced wireless technology to enable remote control functionality.
The 1-channel relay allows users to remotely activate or deactivate connected devices, so making it an ideal choice for scenarios.

This voltage specification ensures the relay’s adaptability to common electronic setups and makes it suitable for integration into various projects.
The included remote control transmitter communicates wirelessly with the receiver, but allowing users to control connected devices from a distance.

Furthermore, the relay system features robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access.
The wireless communication between the remote control transmitter and receiver is encrypted.
Transitioning to practical applications, so this wireless relay system is invaluable in scenarios where remote control of electrical devices is essential.
Its application spans a wide range of projects, from home automation tasks like controlling lights and appliances to industrial setups where remote device management improves operational efficiency.

Additionally, the 12V Wireless Relay is a preferred choice for electronics enthusiasts, DIYers, and professionals seeking a user-friendly solution for wireless control projects.
Its ease of integration, secure communication, and versatility but make it a powerful tool for those looking to enhance their electronic setups with wireless functionality.

In practical terms, the transition to using the 12V Wireless Relay signifies a significant advancement in remote control technology.
Its role in providing wireless command and control capabilities contributes to the development of smart and efficient systems.


  1. Work status: Self-locking
  2. The work instructions LED: LED1(power), LED2(relay)
  3. Dedicated remote.
  4. Indicator LEDs.
  5. Ideal for home automation.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 12V Wireless Relay 1 Channel with Remote Control .


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