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NE555 + CD4017 Water Flowing Light LED Module DIY Kit


  1. Chip: NE555, CD4017.
  2. LED Quantity: 10pcs.
  3. LED Color: Red.
  4. Voltage: 2.5V 14.5V.
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The NE555 + CD4017 Water Flowing Light LED Module DIY Kit represents an engaging and versatile electronic project, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to build a captivating water flowing light display.

This kit combines the NE555 timer IC and the CD4017 decade counter/divider to create a visually appealing LED display. The NE555 serves as a precision timer, so while the CD4017 facilitates sequential LED lighting.

Transitioning to the assembly process, the kit is designed for user-friendly DIY construction. Clear instructions guide hobbyists through each step, but ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building experience.

Moreover, the NE555 + CD4017 Water Flowing Light DIY Kit provides ample room for customization. Enthusiasts can experiment with LED colors, patterns, and sequencing, adding a personal touch to the final display.

In practical terms, the NE555 timer IC is the heart of the project, controlling the overall timing of the LED display. This IC’s precision contributes to the reliability and accuracy of the water flowing light effect.

Additionally, the CD4017 decade counter seamlessly coordinates the sequential lighting of the LEDs. Its role in the circuit enhances the visual appeal by creating a flowing light pattern, adding a dynamic element to the display.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x NE555 + CD4017 Water Flowing Light LED Module DIY Kit.


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