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Servo Motor- MG995

This is a metal gear servo motor  MG995. it can rotate approximately 120 degrees. The MG995 servo motor also comes with a selection of arms and hardware to get you set up nice and fast. To controle these servos you can use any servo code, hardware or library. Features: 1. Operating voltage: 4.8V to 7.2V 2.Temperature range:0 degree C to -55 degree C. 3. Operating angle: 120 Degree 4. operating speed: 0.2s/60 degree at 4.8V and 0.16s/60 degree at 6V 5. Wire length:30cm 6. Weight:55g 7. Dimension:40.7 X19.7 X 42.9mm approximately 8. stall torque: at 4.8V and at 6V 9. Stable and shock proof double ball bearing design Packages Includes: 1. 1 X MG9954 Metal gear servo motor 2. 1 X Standard Accessory kit

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