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L293d motor driver shield for Arduino


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  • The L293D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino is a versatile tool for motor control and automation.
  • It allows dual motor control, making it suitable for various robotics projects.
  • The shield handles high currents, including DC and stepper motors, with efficiency.
  • It features an integrated voltage regulator for a stable power supply and protection diodes for durability.
  • Its compact design seamlessly integrates with Arduino boards.

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The L293D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino is a versatile and indispensable tool for motor control and automation. It enables dual motor control with high current capabilities, ensuring efficiency and precision in various projects. The integrated voltage regulator and protection diodes enhance its reliability. Its compact design allows seamless integration with Arduino boards. It finds applications in robotics, home automation, electric vehicles, CNC machines, 3D printing, and education, making it a valuable component.


  • Dual Motor Control: This shield enables simultaneous control of two motors, providing versatility in robotics projects.
  • High Current Capability: It handles high currents, suitable for driving various motor types, including DC and stepper motors.
  • Integrated Voltage Regulator: Ensures a stable power supply, preventing voltage fluctuations.
  • Logical Inputs: Facilitate straightforward Arduino control, simplifying motor operations.
  • Protection Diodes: Onboard diodes protect against reverse voltage and current, enhancing shield durability.
  • Compact Design: Moreover, Its compact form factor seamlessly integrates with Arduino boards.


  • Robotics Projects: Moreover, ideal for robotics enthusiasts, enabling precise motor control.
  • Home Automation: Additionally, used in home automation projects to control curtains, blinds, and other motorized devices.
  • Electric Vehicles: Likewise, controls motors for propulsion in DIY electric vehicle projects.
  • CNC Machines: Moreover, used for motor control in small CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x L293d motor driver shield for Arduino


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