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JST SM 2 Pin Connector-Set Male-Female Open


This is a 2-pin JST RCY connector typically used for low-voltage applications running 3A or less. They are commonly found in RC vehicles. These come in a bag of 1 male plug, 1 female plug, plus pins to connect them both. The pins crimp to your cable and are inserted into the housing.

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The JST SM 2 Pin Connector-Set Male-Female Open, which includes both male and female connectors, represents a fundamental component in electronic so connectivity, ensuring users establish a reliable and secure connection between devices.

The male connector has two pins serving as conductive terminals, so designed with precision to fit snugly into the corresponding female connector. This design facilitates so easy insertion into the female counterpart, simplifying the connection process for users.

The female connector is equipped with receptacles that securely receive the male pins. Both connectors have an open design, but making the assembly process convenient for so establishing electrical connections without intricate maneuvers.

The compact and lightweight construction of the JST SM 2 Pin Connector-Set makes it suitable for applications where space is a consideration. Its versatility allows deployment in a wide range of electronic projects, from small-scale DIY endeavors to more complex electronic systems.

Manufactured with durable materials, these connectors ensure longevity and stability in various environmental conditions.
The connectors’ but secure connection is vital for preventing accidental disconnections and maintaining the integrity of electrical circuits.

This connector set has applications in electronics, robotics, and other fields where a reliable electrical connection is essential.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x JST SM 2 Pin Connector-Set Male-Female Open.


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