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15pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor – 5 Pieces pack


Quick review
  • Capacitor type: Ceramic Capacitor
  • Value: 15pF
  • Pack of: 5 pieces
  • Package: Through Hole
  • Pitch: 5 mm
  • Polarity: Non-Polarised
  • Linearity: Nearly Linear
  • Does not vary much with Temperature

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The “15pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor – 5 Pieces pack” consists of electronic components designed for various applications, known for their precision and reliability, making them a valuable addition to electronic projects. These capacitors have a capacitance of 15pF and a voltage rating of 50V, rendering them suitable for a wide range of applications. Electronics widely use ceramic capacitors due to their stability and compact size, and this 5-piece pack ensures you have a sufficient supply for your projects. The low capacitance value of 15pF suits applications requiring precise capacitance values.
If you’re involved in RF circuits, timing circuits, or any other electronics project, the 15pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor – 5 Pieces pack offers the necessary components to ensure high-quality performance, adaptability, and reliability.


  • High-Quality Performance: These capacitors earn their reputation for consistent results due to their high-quality performance.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Their 50V rating allows versatile use in various applications and adapts to different voltage requirements.
  • Small Footprint: Their compact size ensures easy integration into tight spaces, making them perfect for compact electronic designs.
  • Low Capacitance: Ideal for applications requiring precise capacitance values, with a capacitance of 15pF.
  • Reliable Dielectric Material: Constructed from ceramic, they demonstrate excellent stability, ensuring long-term reliability.


  • RF Circuits: Moreover, perfect for RF circuits, thanks to their low capacitance.
  • Noise Filtering: Likewise they effectively filter noise in electronic devices.
  • Timing Circuits: Commonly used in timing circuits due to their stability.
  • Signal Coupling: Ideal for signal coupling, facilitating communication between different circuit components.
  • Automotive Electronics: While used in automotive electronics, their versatility extends to various industries.

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Packages includes:-

  • 5 x 15pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor


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