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Metal Chassis For Robot Car




  • Metal Chassis for robot
  • Can be used for various robotics projects.
  • Heavy Metal and powder coated.
  • Metal Body
  • Many perforated holes have given for easy attachment of the development board and sensors.
  • Center Shaft gear motor and side shaft gear motor can be used for this chassis.

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Metal Robot Chassis 4WD

Metal Robot Chassis 4WD is best suitable with DC Geared Motor.
Heavy metal and powder coated; many mounting holes given for easy attachment of development board, sensor modules, etc.
forward to be attached by caster wheel, center shaft gear motor and bo motor can be attached, along with them the relevant wheels.
A metal robot chassis is the structural frame or body of a robot that provides support for various components such as motors, wheels, sensors, and control systems. A 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive) robot chassis typically features four wheels, each driven by its own motor, which allows for enhanced mobility and stability. Here are some specifications and common applications for a metal robot chassis with 4WD:


1. Material: To begin with, the chassis is constructed from metal (usually aluminum or steel) for durability and strength, making it suitable for various environments. Furthermore, its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance. Additionally, the choice of metal enhances its resistance to wear and tear.

2. Wheel Configuration: Secondly, the wheel configuration consists of four wheels, each with its own motor, providing independent control and maneuverability. Furthermore, this setup allows for precise movement in tight spaces. Moreover, the individual motorized wheels grant exceptional agility.

3. Motor Compatibility: Thirdly, the chassis is designed to accommodate DC motors or stepper motors, which are responsible for driving the wheels. Furthermore, this motor flexibility enables customization for specific applications. Additionally, the versatile motor options cater to a wide range of robotic projects.

4.Mounting Holes:In addition, multiple mounting holes and slots are available for attaching additional components such as sensors, cameras, and other accessories. Furthermore, this versatility simplifies the integration of various peripherals. Moreover, the ample mounting options facilitate customization to meet project-specific needs.

5. Size: Moreover, the size of the chassis can vary, but it’s typically designed to fit standard electronic components and batteries commonly used in robotics projects. Consequently, it offers adaptability for different project requirements. Furthermore, the chassis’s adjustable size accommodates diverse hardware setups.

6.Suspension: Furthermore, some 4WD robot chassis may include suspension systems to improve stability and traverse rough terrain. This feature enhances performance in challenging environments. Additionally, the suspension system ensures smooth navigation over uneven surfaces.

7.Battery Compartment: Lastly, it usually has a dedicated compartment or mounting points for batteries, depending on the chassis’s size and shape. This provision ensures convenient power supply placement. Moreover, the strategically located battery compartment simplifies maintenance and enhances overall usability.


1. Educational Projects: 4WD robot chassis teach robotics, programming, and hands-on learning.

2. Search and Rescue: These chassis support search and rescue robots navigating challenging terrains with sensors and cameras to find survivors or hazards.

3. Agriculture: 4WD chassis aid agricultural robots in autonomous field tasks like planting, weeding, and harvesting.

4. Industrial Automation: In factories, 4WD chassis move materials for automation.

5. Exploration: 4WD robots explore and map caves, mines, and disaster zones with sensors and communication.

6. Robot Competitions: Competitions like Robot Wars use 4WD chassis for customized robots.

7. Prototyping and Research: Researchers use 4WD robot chassis for robotics development and testing.

8. Security and Surveillance: Chassis form the base for security robots patrolling and collecting data.
Remember that the specific applications and capabilities of a 4WD metal robot chassis can vary depending on the components and sensors you integrate into the system. Customization plays a crucial role in tailoring the chassis for a particular task or environment.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Metal Chassis for Robot Car.


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