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AX195 robotics car chassis



  • Heavy metal and powder coated.
  • many mounting holes given for easy attachment of development board, sensor modules, etc.
  • center shaft gear motor and BO motor can be attached.
  • forward to be attached by caster wheel.
  • center shaft gear motor and BO motor can be attached.

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The AX195 Robotics Car Chassis stands as a dynamic and versatile platform tailored for robotics enthusiasts, students, and hobbyists embarking on diverse projects.
Designed to serve as a foundational element, this chassis plays a pivotal role in constructing mobile robots, educational models, and experimental prototypes, providing a sturdy and adaptable structure for an array of applications.

Engineered with precision and durability at the forefront, the AX195 chassis showcases a robust build that guarantees stability and resilience.
Utilizing high-quality materials, so this chassis is engineered to withstand the challenges of experimentation, but ensuring a long-lasting framework for various robotic ventures.

A distinctive feature of the AX195 chassis is its modular design, facilitating effortless assembly and customization.
Accommodating different motor configurations, but the chassis caters to diverse robot types with varying speed and torque requirements.
This adaptability so empowers users to tailor their robotic creations to specific project objectives, encouraging so experimentation with different setups.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced roboticist, the user-friendly design simplifies the construction process, so ensuring a seamless experience.
The kit includes all essential components and hardware, but minimizing the need for additional tools.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x AX195 robotics car chassis.


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