Robotic metal chassis


Heavy duty robotic metal chassis

It is a Gray coloured heavy duty Metal chassis is widely used as a mechanical frame structure of the mobile robots. It’s a power coated metal chasssis for robots. This chassis can be eassily mount the motors on the place by using normal motor mount nut. It can be either be used in skid steel configuration means four wheel or diffrential configuration that is 2 rear wheels plus one front caster wheel. the body contains perforated holes for easy mounting of various size circuit boards and other mechanical components. it is a back bone of the robot, where we can connect mootors, sensorsand wheels. Specification and features 1. Dimension (L X W X H ):190mm X 105mm x40mm 2. Weight: 400grm 3. Material: Metal 4. Color:Gray 5. Metal Sheet guage: 1.5mm 6. Motor fitting hole diameter:1.75mm 8. Perforated holes have given for easy attachment of development board and sensors. 9. Center shaft gear motor and side shaft gear motor can be used for this chassis.

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